Leba Howitt-Vallone 
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M. Leba (MS, LPN) has been a teacher, healer, and mentor for many moons.  She lovingly taught inner city high school students for most of her professional career. Leba was a team leader administrator of Community Alternative High School in NY and participated in treating children with severe social emotional challenges in Florida for seven years.  Leba holds licenses in teaching English 7-12, Social Studies 7-12, Special Ed K-12 with concentration SEL, and Practical Nursing. 

Leba has dedicated her time to implement the school’s automated lending library system.  Her love of teaching shines through as she reads to the students, finds books that fit their interests, and helps to locate and procure resources. Leba has a fourth grade son, for whom she travels a great distance so he can attend HATB. Her love of HaShem, Torah, learning, books, and most importantly children, guide her library duties.