Rabbi Yossi Alon 
Upper Elementary Judaics

My educational journey began at the Chabad Yeshiva of Tzfat Israel, greatly enriched by wonderful teachers and Rabbis. 

To conclude my Rabbinical training, I transferred to Brooklyn New York where I was ordained as a Rabbi in the Lubavitch Central Yeshiva “Tomchei Tmimim”. In addition to my Rabbinical studies, I worked with young Jewish students enriching their knowledge, Jewish experiences, and pride in their Jewish Heritage.   

As a young married couple, my wife and I moved to South Florida with the goal of enhancing the Jewish community and continuing to work with Jewish youth including Bar Mitzvah lessons and educational programs. 

In 2021, my family and I moved to Tampa, and I am thrilled to have joined the HATB team where I continue to share my passion for Jewish education and impart high-quality authentic Jewish knowledge and a deep love for Judaism with the students of the Hebrew Academy.