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For almost three decades, Hebrew Academy has dreamed of the day it would build a suitable home buzzing with the laughter of children, the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of community. The day is at hand. The final stage to complete the new space for the Hebrew Academy is underway. The fulfillment of this dream depends on people of initiative and compassion, of vision and generosity. 

Help the Hebrew Academy bring its NEW school building to the #FINISHLINE & join with us at the final stages of our building campaign!

YOUR donation will allow us to finish our much needed 7,000 sq. ft. building that includes 6 new classrooms, offices, teachers resource room, lobby &  1000 sq. ft. multimedia center! We are holding at the final stages of the project - and we need YOUR help to finish the construction before the new school year.

On behalf of the thousand of students who've passed through our doors, and the thousands more that are yet come, I thank you for your kindness and generosity. May g-d repay you with blessings, and success in all you do.

Head of School - Mrs. Sulha Dubrowski 

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